Erhmehgerd. What do you get when AlterEgo and OUTRAGE have babies? Lil Ragin`Egos!

I love, Love, LOVE this outfit! Its pretty cute and plus, the items are so practical with other outfits! Lots of fun to do with Tox at 3am in the morning…but hey we get the job done. The outfits includes The LoveStick Mesh Bubble dress [S,M,L], the jeans with cuffs and the alpha layers! LOVE THIS OUTFIT, Sold at Alterego and OUTRAGE, so you’ll have plenty of options to get it. 😀

xoxo – Lexxii




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I absolutely love these tanks! I personally think they are super, super cute! Stuffed with some crazy item in the tank, these babies are totally original! Super cute styles for only $79 L! So grab one while you can! Forewarning, theres more IN-WORLD than there is on Marketplace! So make sure you stop by!!




If you haven’t seen the new shit on Marketplace, Get your head outta the closet!! THESE CLOTHES ARE HAWT!

There is so much to say! OUTRAGE{reloaded} is in its very first fair in October, THE SWAG FEST! It’s going to be insane and super sexy! So come see all the exclusive stuff from ORL on October 1st. Also, OUTRAGE is getting a new look and a new build! So hang on tight, the build is going to be done soon!

BLOGGERS WANTED! IM me in-world if your interested!! ❤

😀 More stuff soon —- xoxoxo Lexxii


1 Voice . Fundraiser // Support for Gala Phoenix // Owner of Curio Skins

Designers. Bloggers. Consumers. Fans. People. It’s time to unite to 1 Voice.

Curio was the very first skin store I ever walked into. I remember the first week I started I went there several times to find myself a cute new skin for my avatar. Now, the joy and love of these skins has been taken away due to HUSH, a thief, lier, and overall … horrid person. For the full story, stop by and read her statement.

Until then, the only support I can do is make this Poster. IM me at LexxiiBITCH resident if you’d like a in-world copy of the poster, or just take it here. I support you Gala; you are not alone.

NEW*// HERITAGE`91 is Celebrating the 4th of July in STYLE!

"From HERITAGE`91"

“Cause Baby Your A Firework , Come on Show’em What YOUR worth , make’em go Ah! Ah! Ah! As you shoot across the Sky!”

Those were the words that inspired me to make this outfit! The 4th of July is RIGHT around the corner, and why not get ready with this adorabke grunge american pride outfit from HERITAGE`91? It includes: Shorts, Tank, a Tattoo and a LM to Shadz Eye Wear for the American Shades! AVAILABLE on Marketplace!

NEW @ HERITAGE`91 // Highs, Lows, and Lacey Things~

NEW AT HERITAGE`91 // High-Low Skirts && Lacey Back Tank Tops! //

I love High-Low Skirts. I own like 4 in real life, and these lacey back tops are to die for! Lots of different styles, but similiar enough to mix-and-match! I know, OUTRAGEOUS right!?

Marketplace Link::

INTROducing;; HERITAGE`91 – – The Retro, Vintage, Navajo Line from OUTRAGEstudios!

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Vintage, Retro, Navajo…it’s all not dead! In fact its the biggest FAD Comeback in history! Get a piece of Yesterday’s Comeback with HERITAGE`91! We currently have shoes, a purse, and complete outfits avaiable…ALL UNDER 200 LINDENS. Outrageous? We know…

Enjoy My Fashionistas!!